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[Scripte] Mando Bombs and Mando Air Support v1.61

[Scripte] Mando Bombs and Mando Air Support v1.61
06.10.2008 von CBB

Mandoble hat weiter an seinen Skripten für einen genaueren Bombenabwurf gearbeitet.
Alle Flugzeuge werfen damit Bomben genauer auf ein Ziel oder Koordinaten ab.
Neu ist die Mando Air Support Console womit man Luftangriffe auf unterschiedliche Ziele starten kann.

> Mando Bombs Online Help <

Die Parameter stehen in der jeweiligen SQF Datei.

*Update changelog:
+ new SADARM (Sense and Destroy ARMor) Weapon
+ Call for reconnaissance: A plane will fly over the indicated area and after egressing its data will be available for any player of the console operator side. Enemy vehicles, ships and static weapons detected by the reco plane will be marked in the map for 2 mins (you may use that info to order bomb runs or CAS).
+ Call for ammo supply: a chopper or plane with aproach and will drop two ammo boxes in chutes, you may define ammo box type.
+ Call for vehicle supply: a chopper or plane with aproach and will land a hitched vehicle. You may define the vehicle class.
+ Call for reinforcements: a chopper or plane will aproach and a group of ten soldiers will jump in chutes and join your group. You may define unit types.
+ Call for Combat Air Patrol: A pair of fighters (you may define their class), will hold the indicated position.

new in v1.51
+ Reconnaissance camera is now independent of aircaft banking, flash effect added when marking postions using it and marked positions are now broadcasted to any player of the same side as the reco plane.
+ New Clash of Armadas (mando_armadas.sara) mission added. MP 8 players or SP, locate and destroy the enemy fleet. Mando Missile ArmA and Kaio's USS Nimitz addons required.

Changes in v1.52:
+ Reconnaissance camera can now be locked on a position. If Mando Missile ArmA is initialized in the mission, that position may be used as target for laser guided bombs attacks.
+ Laser guided bombs attacks added. If Mando Missile is initialized you will be able to use any plane type for that kind of missions. You may use your own laser designator or the reconnaissance camera to lock on targets.
+ If Mando Missile is initialized, gunships will use medium range AG missiles against enemy vehicles or ships.
+ If Mando Missile is initialized, CAP planes will use medium range AA missiles increasing noticeabily the effectiveness of CAP missions.
+ New mando_bombs_laserandcap.Sara mission added. Use CAP, reco and laser guided bombs missions to take control over the enemy airfield.

Changes in v1.53:
+ Now you can define the contents of ammo boxes.
+ Airborne assault and reinforcements groups defined separately. Now you can set any number of soldiers for these missions.
+ You may set reinforcements or/and airborne assault soldiers as playable.
+ Included some corrections and more info into the help file.
+ Two different ranges might be defined, one will affect only to airplane types and the other for choppers. So you may spawn jets far more way than choppers from the support point.

Changes in v1.54:
+ Included mando_airsupport_nodlg.sqf. You may execute all the missions present in the support console (except reconnaissance) using this script without any dialog interface. Check the readme for more info.

Changes in v1.55:

- Updating number of aircraft left for bombing missions is now correctly updated in the list box of available aircrafts.

Changes in v1.56:

- Better reconnaissance camera control, now you can point directly down of the the plane.
- Maximum zoom level or reco camera increased.
- Reconnaissance camera now can lock on and track moving vehicles.
- CAS and Missile saturation missions will target selected position if not suitable targets are found in the support area.
- Added an option to enable attacks from reconnaissance plane's camera (example video). New demo mission included showing this feature: mando_bombs_armedrec.Sara
- Some minor fixes and additions to the help file.

Changes in v1.57:

- Reco camera now shows vehicles with engines on detected in front of the reco airplane, so now you can perform accurate night reco and attack missions.
- SHIFT + rightclick over the camera changes the reco plane destination, now you can guide your reco plane all around the map.
- New globals available, now you can setup initial ingress dir and maximum mission altitude up to 1000m.
- Bombs script modified to be accurate even attacking as high as 1000m AGL.
- Demo mission mando_bombs_armedrec.Sara modified, now your armed reco mission is by night (example video).
- Some minor fixes and additions to the help file.
- Some bugs fixed (Mateck, thanks for the feedback).

Changes in v1.58:

- Now you can set radio chat sounds/messages for all the missions requests and replies.
- Missile camera shows up to three detected potential targets (vehicles/ships) in front of it.
- FLIR available for missile and reconnaissance cameras.
- Mission cameras available for all mission types (missile and reco have priority if present).
- Demo mission mando_bombs_armedrec.Sara updated (Air Support Console v1.58 video).
- Evac chopper egress after final stop following previous egress direction.
- First row of console buttons realigned and resized.
- Range to destination and range to target added to reco camera.
- Minimap added to all the cameras.
- Reco plane pilot now can set as captive to avoid enemy attacks.
- New universal script included to allow console usage (it considers also respawns).
- Once you turn off reco camera, you have a timeout of 18 secs to regain control before plane egress.
- More details, examples and explanations added to the help file.
- More navigation aids for reconnaissance and missile cameras.

Changes in v1.59:
- Now you can switch between cameras of all missions in-flight (cruise missiles have priority).
- Now you can select LAND or JUMP mode for reinforcements and airborne assaults.
- Now you can set different vehicle types for LAND and JUMP reinforcements or airborne assault missions.
- Setup/Info dialog is now working, you have 5 configurable listboxes and a configurable info text.
- Demo mission mando_bombs_armedrec.Sara updated (Air Support Console v1.59 video).
- Carpet bombing option added.
- Now you may control comms state with a new global var, if value = 1, no comms so console will not work.
- Added a new read-only global array with all the vehicles of the leaders in current missions.
- Now you can control the side of the console with a new global var.
- Now you can switch the control mode of missiles fired by reco planes to manual (TV) mode with a new global.
- Lateral widescreen bars gone when in camera mode and console hidden.
- If you change the course of a reco plane, it will consider also the current altitude set in the slider.
- More details, examples and explanations added to the help file.

Changes in v1.60:
- Now you can use static objects and static weapons for vehicle supply missions in both, console and non console air support.
- New code global vars that are executed when reinforcements and airborne assault groups are created.
- New global to set LAND or JUMP modes, last seleted mode is kept next time you open the console.
- Civilian1 was causing problems, not substituted by Civilian11 for any civilian mission.
- Online help updated.
- Last support position is keep as current support position next time you open the console.

Changes in v1.61:
- No more unlimited missiles for armed reconnaissance missions.
- Armed reconnaissance missiles maneouverability increased.
- More friendly camera control, now you dont need to fight the plane movements while aiming with the camera.
- Camera speed increased and also adjusted based on zoom level. Overal speed increased and fine control even with maximum zoom.
- Camera for non reco missions is now steerable, but you cannot zoon in it.
- Mando Missile visual launcher using SADARM bombs included (mando_bombs_airsadarm.Intro demo mission).

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