ARMA 2 British Armed Forces angekündigt [23.07.2010 - 14:17]

Bohemia Interactive wird am 26.August 2010 erstmals einen kostenpflichten DLC als Erweiterung zu Operation Arrowhead anbieten.

Arma 2: British Armed Forces key features:
New vehicles and weapons:
- Modern British troops in multi-terrain, desert and woodland camouflage
- Personal weapons: L85A2 and L86A2 rifles, L110A1 machine gun, LRR and AW50 sniper rifles, N-LAW AT launcher
- New vehicles: Jackal 2 MWMIK all-terrain vehicle, modernized FV510 Warrior
- New helicopters: AH11 Wildcat (multi-role), HC3 Merlin (transport)
British versions: off-road car, Chinook HC2 transport helicopter, Apache AH1 gunship
- Desert and woodland paint schemes of the ground vehicles

New single player campaign:
- Player will command a mobile observation team of British troops into battle with Takistani insurgents. Short campaign will focus on depicting asymmetrical warfare with a guerilla force and counterinsurgency operations.

Multiplayer modes:
- Cooperative scenarios featuring the British units, vehicles and equipment.

Engine Improvements:
- Extension of the Engineer's role
- Ability for players to effectively operate and command artillery and mortar units

Der DLC soll 8.99 Euro kosten. Auf welchem Weg der Vertrieb stattfinded ist noch unbekannt.

Inzwischen ist ein Video zum kommenden DLC veröffentlicht! Link


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